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*** General Terms ***

The content, statements, images, graphics and videos used on anytoletbd.com are published in all applicable laws and are the responsibility of advertisers and users. Anytoletbd.com assumes no responsibility for any illegal or incorrect information used in advertising. The advertiser and the user guarantee that the content of their advertising does not violate a title, the intellectual property rights of the property and the rights of a person or a company. Advertisers and users also agree that anytoletbd.com technology is completely free of any obligations and claims with respect to the services purchased. Advertisers agree that the promotional information and other content provided by them may be presented on the same website as the anytoletbd.com website.

Copyright / Copyright:

Advertisers may distribute such advertising information to Anytoletbd.com or include, in any form, or now known or later in advanced technology, without any right and uninterrupted, irrevocable, non-monopolistic, use, duplication, modification, adaptation. , Publication, translation and realization of derivative works. The content of Anytoletbd.com (content and any other content, software or services) is useful, authorizes and grants licenses to the authority of anytoletbd.com, owned by the party. Any property of intellectual property rights such as title, title, service mark, commercial name and any other brand of the website, property of Anytoletbd.com. Obviously, for any copy, reuse, publication, file, opening, transmission or transmission of any material on this site, you will be obliged to request the written consent of the director (Anytoletbd.com).


Anytoletbd.com has all the images / watermarks that prevent the ad from being used for any other purpose without the consent of the advertiser.

Security and photos:

Anytoletbd.com reserves the right to change the title of the content for editorial purposes. Anytoletbd.com reserves the right not to publish such images or images in violation of irrelevant or anytoletbd.com


Anytoletbd.com and Anytoletbd.com have the right to cooperate with the appropriate authorities in violation of any content law. Advertisers, users or customers can be identified, by an ISP, for example. In addition, the IP may be registered to confirm compliance with the terms of the address.


This site uses "cookies". This means that you must have cookies enabled on your computer to apply all the functions of this site. A cookie is a small data file that is active on your hard drive when you use a website. Certain information is stored in the cookie file, as an indefinite number of user ID, which determines the site for an inspector so that the visited page is known. A cookie can not read the information on your hard drive or read cookie files created on other sites. Cookies can not be used to find a user's identity.

Links to third-party websites:

Anytoletbd.com may include links to other websites or recommendations (third-party websites). Anytoletbd.com will not be responsible for any content of the third party website. The third party website is not investigated or monitored. At the time, when the user leaves Anytoletbd.com and enters the site of third parties, at that time, it is at your own risk.

Content related to payment

Advertisers and users must send information through third-party service providers on behalf of anytoletbd.com to display various (content related to payment) in exchange for money, which may be governed by third-party rules. Advertisers and users run the risk of establishing a relationship with the third-party service provider and are at the user's own risk and are free from any liability arising from Anytoletbd.com. In any case, Anytoletbd.com will not be obliged to reimburse the material related to the payment. Under no circumstances, if any of the content related to the payment violates any of these Terms and Conditions, Anytoletbd.com may remove its content from its sole consideration and nonrefundable related information from Anytoletbd.com. The Advertiser and the User may pay the payment period to the user, and may delete its content related to the payment of Anytoletbd.com, and Anytoletbd.com shall have no additional responsibility to display the deleted content. Anytoletbd.com does not entail responsibility.


Anytoletbd.com and Anytoletbd.com assume no responsibility for the use of anytoletbd.com and will disclaim any liability, claim or liability for the following reasons or for any other reason: a) Anytoletbd.com Errors or Content - the technical typography is not limited to errors; B) Third party websites or their content used directly or indirectly on anytoletbd.com; C) Anytoletbd.com's inaccessibility; D) your use of Anytoletbd.com and its contents; E) Use your equipment or software related to Anytoletbd.com.


Advertisers and Users, Anytoletbd.com and its officers, directors, employees and agents agree to pay any losses, costs and attorney's fees as a result of violating any of these terms

To change:

Anytoletbd.com reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. These changes will take effect immediately after the publication of Anytoletbd.com. You are responsible for being informed about these national changes. Your continued access or use of Anytoletbd.com means that you comply with the changed terms.